Services and Extras

Allforge offers a range of various services and extras to help you from start to finish in your 3D mold creation process from mold designing, mold manufacturing, training, and materials.


Mold Design: Allforge has a team of engineers that can help you take your part or idea into 3D molding fruition. Simply send us a CAD, 3D, or drawing file and we can optimize your model and have your mold design completed for you.

Mold Making: Allforge has teamed with 3DHubs to allow you to receive your 3D printed mold in as soon as same day. We also offer aluminum mold making with both CNC or metal 3D printing, as well as silicone mold creation. It's safe to say that if you need a mold made, we can get that done for you.

Training: Allforge offers complete in-house and online training courses tailor made for your needs. Whether a company or an individual, we can get you on track to being a 3D molding expert. If training is not in your schedule, we will also have free video tutorials online to help you learn the basics.


Materials: Our online store, opening June 2016, will contain a variety of pre verified materials for use in your Allforge machine. Plastic pellets, food-safe candies, metals, and more. We aim to be your one stop express shop for your material needs.

Questions? Something you don't see here? Contact us anytime at contact@allforge.com!