About Allforge


"Allforge’s 3D molding machines could in fact represent the first true desktop factories" - 3Ders

"Allforge Set to Bring Factories to Your Desktop" - 3D Printing Industry

"Desktop manufacturing has no boundaries" - Sprint-ink

"Allforge’s 3D molding machines represent the first desktop factories" - 3D Everyday


We believe 3D Printing is too slow and limited. For prototyping, and making one plastic piece at a time, it's fantastic. But as soon as you want to make multiples of your parts, or make parts in different materials, you are stuck. You cant make enough of them quick enough to gain a profit and you can't make them in materials that can be profitable. 

If you decide to take the injection molding route, you are hit with an even bigger problem - price. Injection molding machines are $50,000+ and molds can cost $4,000+ a piece at least. If you only make the mold, you are still at the schedule of someone else to make them for you on their machine. If the mold is bad, has to be changed, or you want to sell another product - you are hit with thousands in costs again to make a new one.

That is where the Allforge comes in. We believe in starting businesses for the lowest cost possible and making products as fast as possible. Simply 3D Print, CNC, Carve, or hand make from silicone your mold, load it in, and the Allforge takes it from there. One mold can equal hundreds of parts made at seconds or minutes a piece, all while costing you as little as $20 per mold - pennies per part. This is the lowest cost-per-part desktop manufacturing machine ever made.






Allforge and 3DHubs have teamed up to give you 3DMoldIt! Here you can browse through pre-existing molds (which you can order or download and print yourself) or you can upload and order your own molds - getting them delivered to you as soon as same day. Every machine comes preset with the "Arto" mold above, so you can plug it in and start making as soon as you get it out of the box!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced mold maker, you can begin using the Allforge machine with your own molds in no time. Allforge's free tutorial videos will take you every step of the way using free software as well as commonly used commercial 3D modeling software. From model creation, to mold creation, all the way to printing or ordering - and finally making parts and going into production with your machine!



We have teamed up with 3DHubs, the world's largest hub for 3d printers worldwide, to deliver you the fastest and lowest cost molds possible. In addition to this, every Allforge buyer will receive $10 off their first moldhttps://www.3dhubs.com/



The Allforge system is almost fully completed. The prototype machines and the parts you see in our video and on this page are real and made in our Florida lab. We have six US based manufacturers on standby and ready to meet our deadline as soon as we finalize our BETA units in July with our testers. If you would like to become a BETA tester, we have a signup form on our community (here) that buyers can opt-in to and get their machines earlier than everyone else - as well as a final version in Nov/Dec if needed.

Forecasting Risk

We've worked long and hard to forecast the demand for Allforge machines and from there work out a production plan that we can stand by. We have a team and network of some of the most experienced manufacturing professionals in the world and we feel confident in our efforts to minimize risks in these areas. Should there ever be a change or delay, we will keep you updated and make it right as quickly as possible.

Supply Chain Risk

We've spent the past 6 months working closely with manufacturers across the country. These select manufacturers make and deliver orders to military and aerospace projects every day. We have production plans on schedule and ready to go when we give the green light. It is possible for delays or shortages on components and if this turns out to be a case we will do everything we can to solve this issue and get us back on track promptly.


We have built a fantastic team already and are looking to expand it even more to make Allforge a true success. We are currently hiring additional graphic designers, mechanical engineers, software programmers, injection molding professionals, and assemblers to our new 4000 sq ft location in Florida. If you think this is a good fit for you, and you're passionate to make revolutionary stuff, send your resume to us at contact@allforge.com (subject: hiring) for consideration!

Terms and Conditions

We are shipping our orders from the US where we manufacture and assemble every machine. If you are a buyer from outside of the US you may need to pay additional customs and taxes before the machine can get to you. Check with your local customs authorities for potential charges in your country.


What is the Allforge? The Allforge is what we call a 3D Molding Machine. It's a machine that can take a mold (3D printed, Silicone, etc.) and inject plastic, metal, candies, and much more into it - all in one desktop package. It can produce multiples of your parts completely hands off and fully automated right from your phone or computer.

Why have you decided to not launch on Kickstarter? We've been getting emails and phone calls everyday from people with a genuine concern that Kickstarter campaigns are very risky and that they could lose their money easily. Because of the overwhelming concern on this we have decided to pull out of Kickstarter and launch right on our website where you can be fully protected for refunds by PayPal and your credit card company up to 180 days. We want to have you as customers for years to come and the best way is to start off with you feeling safe about your purchase with us.

What are the benefits over 3D Printing alone? The main differences are part making time and material selection. With 3D printers you are forced to sit for hours, or days, to create a single plastic part. When you weigh the time and material factor together - you have a part that you really can't make a business out of. The Allforge allows you to make with not only plastic, but multiple materials, and to make those parts faster than any other desktop machine available. This allows you to actually create a sustainable business around your ideas.

What kind of molds can I use? You can use a 3D printed mold, a silicone mold, a plaster mold - really any mold as long as it fits our size specification of 200x200x50mm (standard form). More advanced users will have the chance to get the mold size up to 200x200x200mm. We will be releasing more exact mold size information very soon.

I don't have any experience designing molds - can I use this machine? Yes! We will have a full library of molds for you to order directly, as well as community members that can make and design molds for you. If you want to design your own, we will be releasing instruction videos to help you every step of the way to make your mold for the Allforge - so no worries!

Do I have to make the mold? Yes, you make the mold prior to using the Allforge. You can 3D print it yourself, order it through our partner at 3DHubs (and receive as soon as same day), or use any of the other traditional mold making methods like CNC milling or by hand.

Won't plastic, metal, and other materials melt my 3D printed mold? The mold material is a crucial aspect when doing any molding with the Allforge. You must use a mold which can withstand the heat of the material you inject into it. If you inject PLA - you can get away with some nylons and PC printed molds. If you inject tin - you will need even higher than that. We have developed a non-toxic metal alloy that can be used in Nylon and PC molds, while giving you a very solid and high quality feel. Our partner 3DHubs can even print molds in metal - so there is always a solution!

Can I use my own materials or do I need to buy them from Allforge? Yes, you can use your own materials - always! We will be offering our own materials which are verified and come with preset settings to eliminate the guess work on your side, but you can even use recycled materials if you'd like - it's up to you!

What are the different models of the Allforge? We have three tiers of the Allforge. The Allforge Sweet, which can utilze your low temperature materials like chocolate, soap, candies, resins, and so forth. Then we have the Allforge Startup which can do everything the Sweet can plus includes a full injection screw setup to enable you to use a large variety of plastics under 650F. And lastly, we have the Allforge Boss which does all that the other models do, plus has a metal crucible that accepts metals up to 650F in standard form.

What are the shot volumes for the different materials? The amount of material you can inject into the molds differ. For plastics you can expect up to 100+cc (3.4+oz), for metals up to about 250+cc (8.5+oz), and for low-temp materials up to 300+cc (10+oz).

Can I later upgrade my Sweet to a Startup or my Startup to a Boss? Absolutely! Every Allforge machine is built on the same CNC'd aluminum frame and allows you to upgrade your machine per your needs as you move forward in your production needs.

What is the overall size of the Allforge? The overall outer machine dimensions are 15.3x30.2x18.46in (389x767x469mm). We tried to pack as much punch into the smallest size possible - allowing you to get all the functionality and have it right on your desk.

Is this all automatic or do I need to do something for every part? The Allforge machines are fully automated through your smartphone. Once you load and set your mold and material, you will simply click the quantity and go. You will then receive real-time notifications based on your machine's production status all the way to completion.

What can I we expect from the part quality on the Allforge machines? The parts depend highly on the mold used to produce them. If you use a 3D printed mold you will get the same layering effect that you get on the outside of 3D printed parts. If you want to make the 3D printed mold smoother, you can acetone vapor it or even sand them a bit to smooth them out. If you use aluminum or silicone molds, your parts can be very smooth. We personally really like the layered look but it depends on the application and your preference - it's your choice!

What can we expect from the build quality on the Allforge machines? These machines are built to the highest standard possible. We have spared no expense to go the extra mile and literally make everything from CNC'd aluminum and stainless steel. We manufacture the entire machine here in the USA with aerospace manufacturers that create parts for NASA as well as many others that require the highest precision possible. We put quality of the machine over everything else and it will become a machine that will last you a lifetime.

Can I see it the Allforge in person? Of course! As of right now we will be have a booth at MakerFaire Austin May 7-8th and a booth at RAPID Orlando May 17-19th. It's possible we will be attending some other events too!

Can I become a distributor in my region/location? Currently we are not seeking distribution help but if you'd like, you can email us your information and experience below for the future.

Do you offer educational discounts for schools? Yes! All verified schools will receive a discount on our launch. Get in contact with us below to discuss your school's needs.

How can we reach someone to speak with directly? You can email us at contact@allforge.com, personal message us through the various social media platforms on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, ask a question to us here on the forum, or even call us directly at 561-460-6551 between 9am-5pm EST.